DreamScooter_net lists, sells and makes to order 3 distinct ranges of scooters.

The ranges are as follows:



These  scooters have mostly had newly upholstered seats, a fresh coat of paint and general mechanical work done. They look clean and straight. They will be supplied as a second hand scooter in tidy condition. These we source externally, also on request if needed. There are a large range of colours and types available, with a 12 day lead time + shipping.  Ask for specific details on condition, as they can vary from unit to unit.



This and the Pristine Restoration are the  scooters we specialize in.  This level of  scooter has newly upholstered seats, operational gauges and lights, a quality paint job, new cables, rubbers, and a full engine restoration. They come with a complimentary pouched multipurpose toolkit, spare cables and a scooter cover. These  scooters have just had the overhauled engine partially run in.  They are faultless to look at, and ride and run exceptionally well. We keep a stock of bikes in this range.  We also restore to order, with a 2-4 week lead time. Customer can select colour and additional accessories.



This range is as good as you will get. These are pristine restorations. Attention has been paid to every last detail, including a guaranteed baked on paint, a total and comprehensive engine restoration and a 3 month warranty on the engine. They include a new carburetor, new cylinder barrel, and new shock absorbers. They come with a complimentary pouched multipurpose toolkit, spare cables and a  scooter cover. These can be custom built on request with a 3-4 week lead time.




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